RunOurCity Foundation Limited was established in 2013 as a locally registered charitable organization. It offers a "Youth.ROC" program which provides an eight-week professional and systematic course for young people. The program’s mission is to help young people building confidence, perseverance and enhance their physical strength. We encourage them to complete a 10km run during the program and trainings while building up their stamina, persistence and determination. These are our important elements as young people nowadays are facing increasing challenges in life.

Beneficiary Project:
Service Objective

Through running the city, the program of Youth.ROC trains up students’ coordination, physical strength and stamina for a stronger body while boosting self-confidence, concentration and perseverance.

Service Content

Taking similar professional overseas experience as reference, the training program is designed to be interesting, easy to grasp and simple to put into practice so that students can set their own target and develop a positive attitude to life, eager to take up challenges and improve their physique. In addition, students can make more friends and develop their leadership.

The eight-week program focuses on learning and enjoying the process. It is hoped that students can develop an interest in running in the city and make it a part of their life. The first two weeks of the program help them to develop an interest in running, and through running the streets and alleys into the community, they can deepen their understanding of the community. Games are incorporated to facilitate them to know each other, while basic stretching exercises are included to avoid injuries. The middle part of the program focuses on coordination and breathing rhythm as speed and endurance training intensify. The last four weeks of the program will lengthen the running distance and requires students to record their running experience.

RunOurCity has provided over 550 prrograms to schools and organizations. Over 10,000 youths have participated in the program, including youths that are underprivileged, at risk, in shelters, in substance rehab and ethnic minorities. Through long distance running training, the program aims to bring positive changes and all-rounded development into the lives of young people. Youth.ROC has obtained support from the Education Bureau of the SAR Government to expand the program to all secondary schools in Hong Kong, so that running can become a part of youth’s life. Therefore, we aim to raise funds for Youth.ROC and expand it to all secondary schools and more organizations in Hong Kong.

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Heart-to-Heart Life Education Foundation (The abbreviation below as "HtH") was incorporated in 2013 and officially formed as non-profit making charitable organization in 2014.

HtH concerns how the society perceives Life and Death. Through the life and death education activities, we promote to cherish life and make it a bright one, that "Draw your Rainbow, Create a Meaningful Life” is our mission.  Whilst to change the general public's taboo about death, we also encourage to discuss it openly and positively, to the level without any uneasy feelings yet advocate a "good life good death” culture in the society.


Besides, HtH is also a social enterprise for bereavement support and caring. The strong team of Professional Counsellors and Registered Social Workers has  experienced over 100 grief counselling contact hours and is dedicated to help the bereaved family to overcome the hardest time in life. 

Beneficiary Project:

The "Holistic Support Program” provides grief counseling and various growth support services for bereaved women and their single-parent children, to help them overcome difficult times, regain  daily momentum and face the challenges of life. At the same time, it would accompany the children who lost their  father to move on during the grieving and growth.

  • From statistics, out of the All Relationships, loss of partners is having the highest grief index.

  • The stress indexes would become much severe when she has to take care of young kids alone.

  • From clinical experiences, children who experienced losses but not well taken care of their grief, have indicated significant impacts on their personality, values on people, social behaviour and weaker interpersonal skills, etc.

Service Objective
  • Empowering the widows to adopt new life and handle the negative emotional effect through counselling and supporting services.

  • Assisting bereaved children to develop a positive life attitude through the program.

  • Changing of emotional conditions, such as downward drop of grief index and stress level, but a positive motive about life thereby to be observed at the end of the service.

  • Arousing community awareness on bereavement support and it’s importance.

  • Deprived Widows (women lost their husbands in recent 5 years) and their small kids aged 6 to 18 

  • Those residents living in Sham Shu Po (SSP) and nearby districts, such as Tai Kok Tsui, Yau Ma Tei, Cheung Sha Wan and Lai Chi Kok

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